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With over 20 years of real world design experience, 1027 Design delivers designs that work. It doesn’t matter how “neat, cool or beautiful” a site is if it doesn’t work for you and your customers. If you’re looking for a unique solution for your business, contact us now.

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1027 Design is uniquely positioned to bring your catalogs, directories and databases to the web. From simple data display and searching to full e-commerce solutions, we can help you expand your business regionally, nationally and globally. In addition, try visiting SocialStudent to learn more.

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1027 Design can offer you the experience necessary to meet your design needs. From beautiful designs like this and other options, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a new look for your business or a catalog of your products, our years of design experience can make your visions a reality.


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1027 Design offers affordable hosting solutions for the small business, non-profit and youth sports organizations. All hosting plans include email which can be accessed through your favorite email reader or through our webmail portal.

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Our goal is to work with you in determining your needs, develop a unique implementation plan, be able to handle more games or any specific media for your site, design your website and make your online presence successful – all with the least possible impact on your finite available hours.

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Best Free Website Builders & Hosting

Best Free Website Builders & Hosting

One needs to make sure that you have a functional, responsive and SEO compatible website which allows you to have the right exposure. There is plenty of option for building and designing a website for free, which requires a little to no knowledge of coding. Here are some of the best websites builders and hosting sites.


Wix is one of the most popular free website builders and has hosted many platforms which offers a lot of easy drag and drop editor with its large collection of professional-looking templates that are well suited for small business, online store and restaurants. They also have some of the best sites which allow you to have the right apps for individual preferences.


Weebly is an open-source SaaS which offers a lot of web hosting, domain registration, web designing and e-commerce. It makes everything suitable for businesses and all the start-up designs. This is a very flexible website builder which is compatible with each and every design and easy to use. This website has a drag and drops feature which allows you to use an integrated CMS solution, and you can also get hand-coded HTML files which makes it easier for you to get your business started right away.


WordPress is one of the most commonly used free website builders that allows you to buy any web domain. There is also a pay for domain site which you can make your very own WordPress owned URL. You can create visually pleasing websites, blogs and landing pages which can allow you to have assets like contract forms, videos and have embedded content in these pages. Even for people with less experience, WordPress offers easy to understand backend interface with minimal coding.



WebNode is a very popular choice for both personal and professionals. It is very easy to use and help you create websites in many different languages which allows it to perform well with all your business needs. WebNode supports e-commerce stores, and sites can be compatible with Android, Mac, and iOS devices.


Jimdo is based in Germany, which is a valuable option for any international companies based on the site, which is created on a site in more than nine different languages. This is a builder which is compatible with smartphone and tables. They have a mobile app which is made to build a mobile optimised site as well. There is no page limit which allows you to have space to build your site. These sites are generally encrypted with HTTPS/SSL encryption allowing the visitor’s information to be kept safe. One can also make use of this to have a seamless experience when integrating social media accounts.

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